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The platform that unites brands and influencers

An online tool focused on influencers marketing where agencies and direct advertisers can create product placement campaigns, branded content and sponsored links, segmented according to their needs and the impact they want to achieve. We work with all types of YouTube channels.


Social Influencers

We are a platform where you can monetize your passion. Obtain recurring income by prescribing only products and services that have to do with your interests. In Fheel you do not damage your image, you will not make advertisements or publicity, it is to recommend what you like and with what you identify. It's the brands that will invite you to collaborate in their campaigns.

You will not damage your image


For brands and advertisers

In Fheel you will find the most cost-effective way to raise the ROI of your online marketing campaigns and to get your brand to your target audience. Registration is free, and campaigns are configured very quickly, just by indicating the key factors of your product and the audience that you want to reach. Thanks to our intelligent algorithm, we will show you only those influencers that really connect with your audience.

The most cost-effective way to optimize ROI


For agencies and network

We know that your main mission is the agile and efficient management to manage multiple accounts, either brands or youtubers, in the case of Network.
In Fheel you will find a simple and easy way to manage all your accounts, obtaining greater volume of business due to the ecosystem that is being created in Fheel.

Increased business volume, efficiency and simplicity

Our mission and values


Human Factor

We believe in the automation of processes, but we know that the human factor is fundamental to customer satisfaction. We like the personal and close treatment, so we have a team of experts at your disposal to guide you and ensure the success of your campaign.



We know that one of the main factors hindering a user is the guarantee of the use of their money in any platform. Therefore, in Fheel you will not pay until the influencer has raised the campaign so that you can validate it, thus avoiding the risk of frustrated operations.


The Group

The Crazy4Media group is composed of several companies that share their experience and complement their functions within the interactive marketing sector. Crazy4Media has offices in Spain, UK, Mexico, Malta, Slovakia and more. This allows to have an overview of the changes that occur in the digital world.

Meet Us

Personal treatment with the client where we offer security and satisfaction in each campaign.

Why is Influencers Marketing Effective?

It is not about getting with your product or service through conventional advertising in an intrusive way. Marketing with Influencers is a natural and unforced recommendation that will make an influential person connect with the target audience you are looking for.


Word of mouth advertising

Influencers Marketing has the same effect as when a friend talks to us or recommends a restaurant to eat, a hotel to spend the holidays, or an app to download. We rely on the recommendations of our friends and the influencers act like them.


There is no intrusion

The audience goes to influencers as prescribers, not them to the audience. They are faithful to their channels and visit each week the videos or posts of their influencers, so the impact on a certain number of audiences is assured, and this is the main factor that differentiates Influencers Marketing from other advertising.


High return on investment

According to Adweek magazine, for every $ 1 spent companies are making $ 6.5 through Influencers Marketing. Although this is a statistic, it states that currently with Influencers Marketing you get a high ROI with campaigns where the choice of influencer is the right one. For this we will only show you the influencers that connect best with your audience.


Measure impacts

The platform will offer you the influencers with their prices and an average of the impact that each one gets. Once you have launched a campaign with one or more of the influencers you can check the analytics panel for the daily impact your campaign is getting. This ensures that your investment is getting the expected return.

It is not advertising, it is the power of influence over thousands, millions of users.

Why is Fheel profitable?


You will not damage your image

We know that an influencer is not an actor: he does not want scripts or publicity to use. Therefore, we choose to prescribe products or services that are of your interest and within your usual dynamics, thus having total creative freedom. You choose which products you want to prescribe.


Recurring revenue

We are in constant partnership with brands, advertisers and advertising agencies so that they can find you through Fheel in an agile way. You will not have to spend effort in searching, the marks come to you according to your interests and preferences and thus you will choose which of them you want to collaborate with.


Alliances with brands

Thanks to the effectiveness of the influencers when you prescribe a product or service that is of your interest, the brands can strengthen a relationship with you in the long term, which will allow you to have marks of your confidence in a continuous way betting on your power of influence With respect to a particular audience.


You're free

We believe that the main thing in the world of influencers is freedom in every way. We know that you do not like the commitments, nor the obligations, and that your channels in social networks are a passion for you. Therefore, you will not have any type of exclusivity with us, nor of course no subscription fee.

Recurring income and not harming your image is part of our philosophy.

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